Sunburn Alert®


Great for any outdoor activity.
Fits kids and adults.

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Sunburn Alert®


Moms, we've got the perfect sticker for your kids. Great for adults too!

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Special edition sun-activated UV stickers have been created and produced by Sunburn Alert® featuring characters from Disney Junior hit TV show Vampirina, after research finds that nearly half of parents in the UK are unsure how often to apply sunscreen to their children. The patented colour-changing technology will see the sticker change from white to blue when it's time to reapply sunscreen. A limited number of complimentary packs of stickers will be available in selected airports, motorway service areas, supermarkets and shopping centres across the UK only.

Good Housekeeping's top picks for sun protection this summer

How they work

1Apply Sticker or Band

Peel sticker from its backing and apply firmly to the back of hand or secure wristband on wrist with printed side up leaving enough space to insert 2 fingers

2Apply Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen liberally and evenly to the skin and sticker or wristband following exact directions on the sunscreen label. For best results, sunscreen should dry for 15 minutes before getting wet.


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