Be smarter in the sun!

Perfect for any outdoor activity

Body Stickers [15 Pack]

- Color change reminds you to reapply sunscreen.
- Apply sunscreen directly on the skin and the Body Sticker. When the Body Sticker begins turning blue, this is your reminder that your sunscreen is losing its Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and you need to reapply to the skin and wristband again.
- Gentle comfort fit with skin safe medical grade adhesive.
- Stays on skin all day, wet or dry.
- Works with all sunscreens
- One Body Sticker works all day
- Sun Activated
- Perfect for all outdoor activities
- Recycle sticker after using


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30 Body Stickers [30 Pack]

$ 19.00

Body Stickers [30 Pack]

Designed for all outdoor activities, wet or dry.


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